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NFT stands for “Non-fungible token”, which is a unique, digital item using crypto technology(decentralized blockchain-managed ownership) that users can buy, own, and trade.
Most NFTs are digital and intangible. But it can also comes with extra benefits for holders, such as access to certain website, community, events, exclusive items(tangible or intangible), etc.
It’s kind like a special piece of digital art that can also hold the value as a key to ‘access for members-only’ area.

NFT Minting is the process by which your digital item becomes a part of the  blockchain. NFTs Can be minted on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon block chains, etc.
Killer Bears NFTs, for example, can be minted through platforms like the safe and secure OpenSea marketplace.

Killer Bears NFT is available at opensea.

Thank you for showing your love and support for Killer Bears by purchasing our NFT!
Yes, our NFT holders will recieve not just a cool digital art, but also access to Discord, sneak peak to up-coming new characters and storyline, events and raffles(if there is any).

This website(add to Bookmark), Twitter, Instagarm, and Discord(Killer Bears NFT holders only).


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